not sure how to get started online?

You want a website. You just don't know where to start.
It has to be free or cheap because you’re on a limited budget.

WordPress website
& online training course

"Road Mapping"

System Setup: Emails,
Calendar Booking, etc

Website Review

Monthly Maintenance

Create Landing Pages



OH! MY! GOODNESS! Don't hesitate to have a skype call with Claire! She is AMAZEBALLS;).

I bought my domain name in June's last year, tried to figure out what I was doing (I have such great intentions but when it comes to computer techy stuff the Universe laughs at me).

I got frustrated and walked away for a while because it was just too overwhelming. Then I started researching branding and how to run a successful online business...more overwhelm. But there was something telling me to get my site up so I could just start getting myself out there in a professional way. In comes Claire to set up my site for me and teach me how to maintain the basics and add all my personality to it. Boom! I have an official business. Holy cow! I'm an entrepreneur! I've got somewhere to send people to see who I am and what I'm about. When people ask me the same questions I can send them to my site to check me out.

Claire's videos are so easy to follow because she's already done the site for you, all you have to do is add what you want.

I've added my own photos, videos and content, all my blogs too.

Claire will help you get past the blocks your using as excuses to get out there. Go for it! You're light is needed in this world too and Claire will soooo help you do that.

~ Michele Madrigal