WordPress.com Vs WordPress.org (or self hosted WordPress)

There are 2 types of WordPress. WordPress.com and WordPress.org. Here are the differences:

WordPress.com – hosts WordPress for you.

  • It manages the hosting, security, automated updates and backups.
    You will be given a URL like “myawesomesite.wordpress.com” or you can upgrade to a custom domain and point that to your site.
  • You can choose from nearly 200 themes but customisation is relatively limited.
  • You have 3rd party ads on your site unless you want to pay an extra $30 per year.
  • Links advertising WordPress.com cannot be removed.
    Extra storage space costs.
  • You cannot modify the PHP source code – even “newbies” often discover that they need to make changes in order to create the functionality that they require.
  • You cannot upload plugins. There are plugins available but not nearly as many as the

20,000 available on WordPress.org. Plus, many of the premium plugins are expensive.
Offers a great inexpensive way for personal bloggers to get online.
You will not be able to run an eCommerce or membership site without upgrading and

paying for a high plan.
No FTP access to your files.
Cannot use 3rd party tools like Google Analytics to track your website statistics.

WordPress.org is hosted on your own server.

The software is freely available to the public.
You DO have to purchase hosting but plans are available from as little as $5 per month (I

can offer hosting, or I can recommend the best WordPress hosts). WordPress.org will be

installed on your host.
Your email addresses (up to 5 included in my packages) will also be setup on your host.

You have more control over your emails and hosting as they are all managed by you (or

your website provide/someone like me) Then you point your domain to this host.
Much more suitable to professional sites as you have total control over your

hosting/advertising/branding and more.
WordPress.org is also supported by a community which provides documentation and

information for when you get stuck.
Has a lot of room for functionality, when you want to scale your business.
Setting up the site is slightly more technical e.g setting up hosting, regularly updating

plugins and themes, updating WordPress, backing up your site. You may need to pay

someone for help in some training or supporting this. If you are going to pay someone with

WordPress.com anyway then this would be the same in both cases. If having freedom and

control over your site is important, then go with WordPress.org.

Does this help you make your decision or is it all still super confusing? If it is still confusing

then feel free to email me claire@clairerichardson.com




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