As far as hosting goes, I have worked with a lot of different hosts. 

Nothing compares to Site Ground.

For years (from about 2008) I had a HostGator re seller account and it wasnt too bad in the beginning. After a while, working with various client requirements there were constantly errors that stopped us from being able to do what we wanted. Contacting support meant hours and hours on chat trying to explain the situation and constantly being told that it was something to do with the theme or plugin or whatever we happened to be using.

Site Ground support is amazing. They have a toll free (1800) number to call 24x7 from within Australia (and I am sure that they have a local number wherever you're located). So if you work the hours of midnight to 2am then they're available. If you don't feel like talking on the phone they also have an online chat system for you to connect with them. Their support staff is knowledgeable and actually willing to help you figure out aspects of your WordPress site that you need help with.

With their Grow Big package they perform nightly backups each day of the month. You can also get Hack Alert to notify you if your site is compromised so that you can restore the backup straight away.

I could go on, but just head over and check them out for yourself.

If you're purchasing a site through me, I can setup the account and manage it for you, or you can use my affiliate link below to set up an account yourself.

(I have a strict policy of only recommending companies and entrepreneurs that I have used and can recommend 100%)